Smart Association

We Understand modern day associations are run by volunteers who takes his/her time out of the busy sehedule to manage the maintenance activices.

Our "Apartment Live" system will help ease out your day-to-day job by being online,onany device and anywhere on anytime.The key features of the platform are.

-Live Collaboration           -Local News

-Online Polls                      -Virtual Clinic

-Message boards             -CCTV integration

-Maintenance Accounts     -Guest Management

Smart Homes

Sahaj Home is our eternal attempt to make your habitat friendlier and cozy like you always dreamt of Home automation solution helps you to control several electronic sensors and devices at your home from your fingertips . This not only eases out your life but also saves you significant amount of money and lets you contribute towards the green revolution.

Home automation services are also available for the apartment complexes and corporate houses

Sahaj GST platform-GST Billing & Return Filling

This is an intuitive, easy to use platform to create your GST bills, maintain your stocks, monitor various indicators to run your business smoother and finally help you file your GST returns without any manual intervention. The platform provides in-depth analysis of your business and takes the small and medium businessmen to leap frog into the digital era.

Sahaj GST makes digital experience a natural progression and helps the financial inclusion plan of our government.

Sahaj Classes

We understand the personalized need of today's students . Sahaj Education platform allows the students to choose particular topics where they need specific and personalized help . The student can interact with the “Robo Teacher” to run through the topic or request for an on-premise classroom to be arranged by Sahaj Education.

Sahaj Awareness

We at Sahaj, are indebted by the society and hence we want to contribute back our knowledge on various aspects that in today's world pose serious threats to us. We are running various awareness programs across the country to help out next generation be aware of the new forms of threats that even their parents are sometimes unware of.

Sahaj Career Counselling

Sahaj Career Guide is “Robo Guide” who would help you understand your areas of strength and weaknesses and thereby guide you to greater success in your career

Sahaj Guide analyzes your current knowledge and proficiency on the chosen subjects and proposes the development plan for you.

Sahaj Shopping

With our every changing lifestyle, shopping for daily needs has no longer remained a pastime in big retail stores. Sahaj presents you with the opportunity to let if find for you what you need, when you need them and who can get you all that in the best possible price. Sahaj Shopping is a one-stop-shop to find your groceries, stationaries, party snacks and other needs being delivered to you at your doorsteps.

Sahaj shopping comes with online bazar to help households shop the daily needs from the local stores without stepping out of home. The Al engine also understand your need within few days and will start acting as your aid to household work. Sahaj assistant will helps us in doing-

-Daily Grocery

-Regular medicines

-Call Emergency Services like Ambulance.